Dahlia nursery VAN SCHIE

Welcome! You are visiting the website of Dahlia Nursery Van Schie. The company was founded in 1976 and originally started out with the flowers: Sweet William, Aster and Gladiolus. In 1978 the dahlia was added to the assortment. In the first year cuttings were bought and in the second year our own production of cuttings began. Over the years the assortment and production expanded further.

In 2015 Dahlia Nursery Van Schie has a large assortment including a substantial number of protected varieties. Our cuttings are grown in two European locations; in the Netherlands and in Poland. Tuber cultivation takes place in the Netherlands. With this we aim to cultivate products of the highest quality by means of purchase and selection of plant tissue cultures.

On the website you will find an overview of most of our dahlias. A part of the dahlias are exclusively grown and sold by Dahlia Nursery Van Schie. These are protected either by trademark or by plant breeders´ rights.